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Robin Hoffman - Artist

"It's like being in Europe without having to get on a plane."
Sally H. from Amherst, MA

"I came to hear you, because you're a friend and I wanted to be supportive.  I had no idea you guys would actually be so damn good.  I'll be back to hear you,  because 3rd String Trio is amazing, not because I'm your friend"
Paul S.  Northampton, MA

"Amazing show.  Blew me away!"
Joe B. - Tuscon, AZ

"3rd String Trio is candy for the eye and the ear"
Pat B. - Houston, TX

"I feel like I'm in a cafe in the heart of Paris"
Morris A. - Boston, MA

"It's such a pleasure to hear people whose musical instincts are so finely tuned."
Paul P. Easthamton